Raybow is your Green|R&D Centric|Global|EHS Focused CDMO.

Raybow is a global CDMO focused on R&D and green chemical manufacturing. We have facilities and people in China, Europe and North America.

Our clients include big pharma and small biotechs.

Welcome to Raybow

Raybow brings client projects from medchem to commercial launch and has developed client NCE’s that are now blockbuster status (USD$1Bill. in prescription sales). We are motivated by creating solutions to solve our client’s chemical development challenges in order to get new small molecule drugs to market successfully.

Raybow’s sites have passed official audits from the FDA (USA), PMDA (Japan), AIFA (Italy), NMPA (China FDA) and others in recent years. Raybow has applied the concept of green chemical production and manufacturing by introducing an advanced environmental protection treatment system, with a complete set of solutions for the company's waste treatment, implementing green production and recirculation.

Raybow Hangzhou R&D Team
Raybow Hangzhou R&D Team