Raybow is your Eco-Conscious|Innovator's|Global|Safety-Driven CDMO.

Raybow is a global CDMO focused on R&D and green chemical manufacturing. We have facilities and people in North America, Europe and China.

Welcome to Raybow

Raybow, a premier CDMO specializing in small molecule drug development, stands at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation. Our main sites have been the process development and lauching sites of 29 innovative drugs, including multiple blockbuster drugs. Our 800+ experienced scientists, armed with in-house unique technology platforms, position us to collaborate with emerging biotech firms and MNC pharma clients, guiding projects from medicinal chemistry all the way to full-scale commercialization.

Quick Facts about Raybow

○ Supporting global clients to launch 29 innovative drugs to date

○ Developing 200+ CDMO projects, including CMC, and Phase I to III projects

○ Delivering 500+ tons brand name APIs annually to top MNC Pharma clients and Biotech clients

○ Suppliying API for 4 blockbuster drugs for top MNC pharma clients with 98%+ on-time delivery in full (OTIF)

○ Providing multi-Kg scale commercial API from Brevard NC cGMP Facility

Our facility in Brevard, North Carolina, USA, is dedicated to early-stage drug development, encompassing cutting-edge R&D, preparation of clinical trial material and specialized small-scale manufacturing. This site boasts a fully compliant cGMP laboratory and multi-Kg scale cGMP commercial manufacturing facility. We are proud to announce the recently completed expansion of a two-bay pilot plant, a testament to our commitment to continuous growth and innovation. Further expansion is already underway, ensuring we stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.

At Raybow, we are driven by a passion for solving complex chemical development challenges. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, Raybow has embraced sustainable practices in process development and pharmaceutical production. Our facilities have repeatedly passed rigorous PAI inspections and regular audits by several esteemed international regulatory bodies, including the FDA (USA), PMDA (Japan), AIFA (Italy), and NMPA (China FDA), reaffirming our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

Partnering with Raybow means choosing a leader in green process development, one that brings a blend of innovation, quality, and environmental responsibility to every project. Join us in shaping a healthier future.