Process Chemistry

Process Research, Development, and Optimization

  • Process development of discovery routes/early development routes into robust manufacturing processes suitable for intended purpose
  • Route scouting/selection for new scalable processes, including generation of innovative solutions to complex synthetic problems
  • Process characterization as per ICH Q11 (Quality by Design)
  • Technology transfer to manufacturing production
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Drug discovery & Preclinical development support
  • CMC CTD Support

In-house Technology Platforms

  • Asymmetric Ligands Platform Asymmetric catalytic innovation allows high-throughput library screening services for optimum ligand selection. Raybow has successfully used these chiral ligands in the process development of more than a dozen chiral intermediates or chiral APIs. These include several commercially marketed innovative Drug APIs.
  • Fluorination Chemistry Platform SulfoxFluor reagent converts alcohols into alkyl fluorides with high efficiency, Carbonyl compounds can be converted to a difluoro-olefin and the difluoromethyl functional group can be introduced into the target compound efficiently, Trifluoromethyl functional group may be effectively introduced into the target compound.
  • Flow Chemistry Platform Rich experience in flow chemistry process development for dozens of reaction types such as diazotization, Grignard, Curtius, nitration/nitrosation, oxidation, photoredox and rearrangement. Successfully completed tonnage scale-up production of Curtius rearrangement, cryogenic lithium reagent exchange and mono nitration reactions. Equipped with advanced experimental equipments in flow chemistry laboratory, including Corning flow reactor, British C-Tech lnnovation electrochemical reactor and Mettler online infrared instrument