Why Choose Raybow: Your Partner in Pharmaceutical Excellence

Why Choose Raybow: Your Partner in Pharmaceutical Excellence Image

Track Record

○ Have successfully supported global clients to launch 29 innovative drugs (to date)

○ Annually delivering 200+ CDMO projects, including CMC, and Phase I to III projects

○ Currently delivering 500+ tons brand name APIs annually to top MNC Pharma clients and Biotech clients

○ Currently the main API supplier of 4 blocbuster drugs for top MNC pharma clients with 98%+ on-time delivery in full (OTIF)

○ Annually delivering multi-Kg scale commercial API from Brevard NC cGMP Facility

Unique Expertise in Serving Drug Development

Raybow stands at the forefront of small molecule drug development with a team of 800+ chemists, 50%+ with PhD and MSc degrees. Our leading in-house technology platforms include:

○ Chiral ligands for asymmetric transformations

○ Fluorination

○ Flow Chemistry

○ Peptides and conjugates

○ Solid-state and Separation

Efficient and Cost-competitve Service

We pride ourselves on our flexible capacity, our experienced project management team efficiently manages projects from CMC to full-scale commercialization. Our multiple sites in the US and China, equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and equipments, ensure high-quality, efficient and cost competitive delivery.

Excellence in HSEQ

○ Repeatedly passed worldwide regulatory authority inspections (FDA, Europe, Japan, China, Brazil, Mexico)

○ ISO14000/OHSAS18000 certified, repeatedly passed strict EHS audits from multinational pharma companies

○ Continuously ranked as top EHS performer in local industrial park

We are dedicated to your success, every step on the way.