About Us

Advancing your drug from pre-clinical to commercial

Our Story

What started out in 1973 as the Dongshan Chemical Factory by Dr. Xuande Hua had evolved by 1998 to become Zhejiang Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, (Abbr. Jiuzhou Pharma, Stock code 603456), a major supplier to large pharmaceutical companies across the globe. In 2008 under leadership of Dr. Hua’s daughter, Ms. Lirong Hua, the CDMO division was started in order to accommodate contract NCE process development and manufacturing. The emphasis is on efficient and close collaborative development activities for emerging pharma as well as established pharmaceutical organizations.

The CDMO business was renamed Raybow Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in 2018 in order to distinguish the organization as an independent brand with it’s own structure and leadership. The guiding principle of Raybow is “Innovation for patient health”. In June 2021 the company rebranded as Raybow PharmaScience.

Throughout the history of the organization from 1973 continuing to today, Raybow is focused on targeted growth in scientific achievement to ensure that our customers receive first in class technological contributions to create safe and effective pharmaceutical products.

Regulatory authorities have awarded commendations for our quality and environmental care. Clients have rewarded us with repeat business for decades.

Raybow’s emphasis on green chemistry has allowed unprecedented efficiencies in chemical processes and we are on the leading edge of contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing providers around the world. Now in 2020 with an expansion into Brevard, North Carolina and multiple new locations in China, Raybow is poised to remain a leader in all scales from initial gram quantities to blockbuster drugs (over USD$1 Billion in sales for our client).

Come see how Raybow can partner with you to create lasting contributions towards human health…

Why Choose Raybow

Raybow pharma has experienced personnel, a long track record and an excellent R&D technology platform for small molecule innovative drugs. We have flexible capacity for production from first batches all the way through to commercialization. As a leading enterprise in the field of global new drug Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs), Raybow is committed to provide its global partners with “One-Stop Service”. We cover all stages of drug developement, from new drug pre-clinical research to commercial production. High quality, high efficiency, and high flexibility are what we are known for.

Commitment to technical excellence

  • We employ more than 300 chemists, 10% of which are PhDs, and greater than 50% have master degrees.
  • Syntheses – incorporating environmental considerations
  • Experienced in process development and scale up
  • Safety evaluation – HAZOP, RC1, ARC, DSC, TGA etc.

Flexible & cost efficient

  • Multiple sites (US and China), multiple manufacturing plants
  • Flexible production planning
  • Excellent Experienced English-speaking project and scientific management
  • Dependable and sustainable supply-chain management

Excellence in Quality

  • Successfully passed worldwide regulatory authority inspections (US FDA, CFDA, AIFA,ANVISA, Cofepris, PMDA etc.)

Commitment to excellence in HSE

  • ISO14000/OHSAS18000 certified system
  • Environmental hazard identification, risk assessment and risk control
  • In-house waste treatment system