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Raybow was founded in 2008 as the CDMO division of Jiuzhou Pharmaceutical to provide expert process development and manufacturing for biotech and large pharma clients. Raybow can accommodate a variety of chemistries, including high potency, and offers high quality, efficient and cost-effective services designed to accelerate the drug development process. Raybow manufactures advanced intermediates, regulatory starting materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients in US FDA inspected facilities in Taizhou and Suzhou China and Brevard, NC in the United States. PR&D facilities are located in Hangzhou and Taizhou in China and Brevard, North Carolina in the U.S. Client projects cover all phases of development from pre-clinical to commercial.

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Raybow Attends Bio-Europe Digital - Oct. 26th thru 29th, 2020

BIO-Europe® Digital 2020, the largest life science partnering event in Europe, runs October 26th-29th. This event is being held digitally and Raybow is there!

Green Chemistry in the development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals

First of all, Green Chemistry is “the development of chemical products and processes to reduce or eliminate the use and generation of hazardous substances” and “is intended to apply to the development and full lifecycle of a chemical product” i.e. development, manufacturing, application and disposal.

Back on-line after unexpected 18 day shut down due to Covid-19

Raybow is happy to announce that on Monday March 2nd we restored our Chinese R&D and manufacturing sites to full capacity.

Raybow Expands CDMO Business to U.S. with Acquisition of PharmAgra Labs

Raybow Pharmaceutical, a global pharmaceutical chemistry services provider, has acquired US-based PharmAgra Labs.