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Efficiency in API Manufacturing With Chiral Ligands

Webinar Info: Recorded October 28, 2020

Many biological compounds and functions in the body depend on molecular chirality. This is an important element in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals. Synthetic pathways are required to produce chiral molecules. Asymmetric hydrogenation is an important route to chiral compounds. In this webinar Raybow's Dr. Dirk Hütten presents the company's expertise in the field of very efficient chiral ligands for transition metal catalysts. As always, the webinar will showcase real world examples from Raybow's pharmaceutical development work.


Dr. Dirk Hütten will present.
Dirk Hütten

Dirk Hütten

Senior Director Business DevelopmentRaybow Pharmaceutical

Dr. Dirk Hütten holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cologne, Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in global sales and marketing alongside the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and APIs including positions at GSK, Altana and PharmaZell. In 2019, he joined Raybow Pharmaceutical as Senior Director Business Development. In addition, Dirk is passionate about high performance sailing.

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