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Flow Chemistry – Efficiency in API Manufacturing

Webinar Info: Recorded June 24, 2020

Hosted by Raybow Pharmaceutical, attendees will explore the benefits of continuous flow reactions in pharmaceutical API & Intermediate manufacturing. Raybow has a long history in the field with experience in R&D as well as manufacturing. Raybow has multiple Continuous Flow reactors, the largest one of which produced more than 140 tonnes of API in 2019.

Our guest, Alessandra Vizza from Corning will share her knowledge of flow chemistry along with the multiple benefits it can provide as part of an API & Intermediate manufacturing strategy.


Raybow's Dirk Hütten welcomes guest presenter Alessandra Vizza
Dirk Hütten

Dirk Hütten

Senior Director Business DevelopmentRaybow Pharmaceutical

Dr. Dirk Hütten holds a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cologne, Germany. He has more than 20 years of experience in global sales and marketing alongside the supply chain of pharmaceuticals and APIs including positions at GSK, Altana and PharmaZell. In 2019, he joined Raybow Pharmaceutical as Senior Director Business Development. In addition, Dirk is passionate about high performance sailing.

Alessandra Vizza

Alessandra Vizza

Regional Business Director for the Advanced-Flow™ ReactorsCorning Incorporated

Alessandra Vizza is the Regional Business Director for Corning® Advanced-Flow™ Reactor (AFR) Technologies. She has been with Corning for the last twelve years managing business continuity for Advanced-Flow Reactors and ensuring technical and commercial contact with customers, as well market strategy and business development. Over the course of her career in flow technology, Alessandra has co-authored several articles and delivered numerous talks and workshops. She is currently focusing her activity on the successful implementation of industrial cases using AFR Technology.

Alessandra earned a master’s degree in Food & Technology from Università Statale di Milano. Alessandra is passionate about travel and understanding of other cultures.

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